Colombian Coffee

100% Arabic

Organic coffee grown by small family owner farm in  the southwest mountains.        

Café Patrón
Have an open mind and a full cup of coffee
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Organic coffee grown by small family owner farm in the southwest mountains with a freshand balance nature. 

Savor a soft, sweet and warm flavor with chocolate hints that make it an easy cup to drink. sustainable production principles and respectful to environment. Infused with the love an entire country that connects you with different places.

Enjoy a delicious sip of magic!

Venecia, Antioquia - Colombia
A 72 Km de Medellín.
1.740 mts variety Colombia
We roast every coffee with a specific, tailored profile to bring out the best qualities of each coffee and highlight the wide range of unique flavors.

Almost everyone loves a great pot of coffee, and we offer every type of whole bean and ground coffee you can imagine to brew your perfect cup of patron, from our gourmet custom roasted coffees

We start by responsibly sourcing our coffee beans from venecian montains places touted as the best coffee growers in the world.

coffee patron has spent nearly a decade roasting this coffee for  wholesalers, delivering quality coffee across the country.

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